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The Management @ Rishi believes in their people. They accept every human-being as a Human being. They respect the values of their employees. Human resource is one of the greatest resources in this industry.

They recruit right people for right job. The ultimate aim of Rishi is enjoy working. The Management is open for new ideas, systems and procedures.

Human Resource Development is a continuous process of enhancing the capabilities of employees and helping them to improve their Skills, Knowledge, and Attitude to give best result in an organization. We intend to achieve this by attracting, recruiting, training, developing and retaining high caliber staff and consultant revitalizing the employees of Rishi Laser Ltd through Benchmark policies and practices.

HR Quality Objectives is to facilitate people to build a congenial working environment.

  • Leadership - Rishi encourages leadership with a Vision to focus on leveraging Opportunities and meeting challenges.
  • Communication - Our focus is to facilitate free flow of communication with trust on People and Policy and evolve a participative work environment.
  • Concern for Environment - We are committed to preserve & protect our ecological environment and our heritage.
  • Entrepreneurship - We are committed to develop an Entrepreneurial work culture by fostering an in-depth knowledge of our core businesses and then attendant opportunities so that all our employees can be trustees of our Stakeholders.
  • Customer Satisfaction -We are committed to benchmark our success with customer satisfaction by attaining, delivering and maintaining the highest standards of Quality & Cost effective Services and Products.

HR Strategy is encompassed by: R E S P E C T

Reliability You can Count on us
Excellence Is our Standard
Service Customer is First. Exceed meeting his needs
People Serve People with fairness and firmness
Empowerment Enabling each to attain his/her Potential
Caring Care for all as we wish to be cared for
Teamwork Foster a spirit of Teamwork

The objective is to source the best talent from the Internal and External resource to achieve the Business Objectives and Goals of Company. Recruitment is the process of hiring the RIGHT PERSON in RIGHT PLACE at RIGHT TIME. Below given is the recruitment cycle @ Rishi Laser Ltd.

To ensure that training needs are identified, training is provided and evaluation in a defined manner and as per documented procedure.

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