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There are two ways by which customer approaches us either by providing the 3D design of product or by providing the 2D drawings of products. In either case design & development is involved. The 3D design is processed through software to convert the 3D product in flat development for laser cutting. The design of complex bending parts poses a challenge to every designer. The 2D drawings of the product also involve development of the flat view by providing for standard bend allowances.

Usage of advance software like Radan helps fast preparation of these developed views of the product for flat processing. The developed drawings are sent to programming department which prepares program for Laser or Plasma cutting depending on the thickness.

We have design department at each location of manufacturing unit. Which works in close association with the engineering department of customers for critical dimensional requirements and complex product parameters. They prepare a shop floor/production drawings which are sent to customer for final approval prior to Fabrication process.

We provide design and development services to ensure functional, cost effective and reliable products. Precision of fabrications/assemblies depends on the jigs and fixtures used to manufacture them. Our design department has proven expertise in design and development of Jigs and Fixtures required for complex manufacturing processes like welding critical assemblies. Our customers appreciated the responsiveness and proactive approach of our design departments.

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