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"Aesthetics" equally important as "Precision" sheet steel fabricated assemblies; Because industry demands good finishing of product along with the precision. It is not sufficient to manufacture precision products they should be bear good finishing as well. Modern surface-coating techniques make sure that our products look aesthetically good and last long. There are various method of surface coating like power coating, Epoxy painting, zinc plating. Prior to surface coating surface is prepared for coating.


The fabricated assemblies are sent for surface preparation and coating. A sheet steel assembly surface needs to be prepared for coating as there are several not uniformities and impurities that can act as a hindrance for protective coating. In order to ensure a good bonding between the metal and the protective coat, various methods like shot blasting, liquid dipping are used depending on the type of material.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is propelling very fine bits of sand at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. Sand Blasting process helps us to remove oil and rust layers on the surface of the product which ensures quality in surface coating.

Pre Treatment

Seven tank cleaning is a chemical process. Oils and greases are removed in weak alkali or neutral detergent solutions and the surface is etched to remove heavy oxides. Pre treatment ensures the rust free surface to improve quality and better paint adhesion We have modern facilities of shot blasting for removing rust, seven tank treatment for surface preparation. Using these facilities we prepare the parts for best finishing.

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